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Hi! I’m Arleen Janz, the AJ in AJ Learningworks. This bit of cyberspace is for my interest in education, my first love. I wanted to be a teacher early in life, and I did well in school; I felt comfortable in that environment. I still do.

Life experiences taught me that the college environment suits me best, and that I’m not happy when I’m not creating because my second love, though it’s only second because I discovered it after I found my love for education, is art. Oil painting is my preferred medium, but I also love computers and using multimedia and graphic creation programs, so it was only natural that eventually I discovered that e-learning authoring was the best melding of all the things I love in a way that would offer me a regular paycheck.

As I said, I’m comfortable in school, so after raising my children to teenhood, I kept going. I had a bachelor’s in art education, but I thought I might like to try my hand at being a graphic designer, so I went to school for graphic design. I fell in love with Photoshop at the time, but though I loved manipulating graphics, I continued to be drawn to education and became a college tutoring center supervisor. While working there I pursued my two graduate degrees, one in Adult Education and Administration and one in E-learning Technology and Design.

I have over 25 years of experience as an educator. I have been an art teacher for all grades, an elementary school teacher, a substitute teacher for all grades, a tutor for all grades, a tutoring center supervisor, a college teacher, and a trainer for my peers. I have taught, tutored, and trained art, math, English, reading, government, computer skills, study skills, and workplace skills such as customer service, civility, diversity, goal setting, creative problem-solving, and public speaking. I have produced e-learning courses on a variety of topics. I currently work as a project manager at the University of South Florida in the Digital Learning Department of the Innovative Education program.

I have also written a book on tutoring, which you can buy by clicking the image below.

Essentials for Successful Tutoring

If you prefer a Kindle version, check it out on Amazon.

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